2nd time here?  If you have already used the application or have Java up-to-date...  

 Just click and run the application.


You need to perform the "first timer" install below if you see the messages "save file IProtect.jnlp" or "file download".  Chrome users click here.


How to create a desktop shortcut is here. Any problems, then click here.  FAQs about installation here.
Are you an Apple (OS X) user? Then click here instead.   

First timer?  Then we need to do the one-time install.

  • Install Java and the IP Protector by clicking here. We provide the latest version of Sun Microsystem's Java software. The installation process will check your computer for the latest version of Java and then let you choose what to install. 


Frequently asked questions about installation

Are there screenshots or videos to help me use the software?
How much does the service cost and how do I make an account?
How do I create a shortcut to the software?
What if I do not want to use Java Web Start?
You may find answers to other questions on the FAQ page for the IP protector.