Protecting Your Intellectual Property

e-TimeStamps provide strong legal evidence that data existed at a point-in-time. The integrity of any type of data can be protected in seconds.

The e-TimeStamp method transmits the fingerprint of a file on your computer to our Time Stamp Authority (TSA) where it is digitally signed by an audited robot with the current time. Our systems do not require ourselves or anyone else to see your valuable data, our methods are backed by international standards, and our prices are low enough to become a regular part of your workflow.

e-TimeStamp With Free Software For Your Computer and some Mobile Devices

We recommend our Web-Based applications, because they require no installation and we can provide technical support.  We also offer Java-based Desktop Software, the IP Protector.  This full-feature application can complete all timestamp related tasks and also includes support for digital signing and human-readable printing of timestamps.


If you're already using Adobe Acrobat Professional or Microsoft Office, you may be better off implementing us into your existing workflow.

We also support other software solutions including OpenSSL and others.


Plug e-TimeStamp Into Your Automated Systems

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