Guide to Including Your Name


When using e-Timestamp to protect your work, it is important to bind your name to your work.  The following are our suggestions for binding your name to various mediums in which your intellectual property may exist.  (Please let us know if we've neglected to mention a medium you work in.)

Written work

Include your name in the document listed as its creator such as: "Copyright 2012 your name - All Rights Reserved", or minimally: "©2012 your name".


Include your name in the timestamped copy of the work. This could be a watermarked or appended version used only for timestamping. As long as the timestamped document clearly represents your work and contains your name, it will provide protection.


Verbalize your name at the end of the recording you intend to timestamp. Some of our users merge MP3 files, using free tools, to facilitate this.


You can use the audio method specified above or simply add one or more frames that include the text of your name.


We recommend exporting your file to a PDF so that your name can easily be added in writing. You may also timestamp an archive (Zip, Rar, etc) that includes your work and a text file with the identifying information.