API Toolkit Plugs-in

These toolkits help you integrate secure RFC3161 timestamps into your existing applications. Our users have reported that it takes just a few hours to integrate our toolkit and retrieve their first timestamp.  There is no cost for the toolkits, though we do charge for the timestamp transactions. We give you access to our no-charge test servers for your evaluation.

As introduction, the toolkits all perform the same basic steps:
  1. Configure your Internet communications preferences for reliable access to the timestamp servers (time-outs, SSL, failover, etc.)

  2. Create a timestamp request and send it via the Internet to the timestamp server(s).

  3. Verify the timestamp signature and your trust of the public certificate.

DigiStamp can be accessed through many APIs and platforms, probably including one of your choice:
Linux Shell
Linux Shell
OpenSSL and cURL can be used together on Linux to retrieve and verify timestamps.
Common Off-The-Shelf Tools
Tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader support timestamps.  Here is a list of some of those non-DigiStamp software tools. DigiStamp uses the established standard RFC3161 so integration with other software is often quite simple.