Incorporate DigiStamp’s SecureTime into a PDF file.

Looking for free software to add a digital signature to your document/pdf?

There is no charge for the software to create digital signatures.  Here is Adobe DC Reader.   

Get more, get both: Prove when the content and signature existed with a third-party witness, a timestamp.

Why would I want to timestamp my signature of a PDF file?

To create evidence of when a document was signed, you need a timestamp, a digital notary. It’s easy to incorporate into Adobe Reader. Instructions are here.

A timestamp added to the digital signature is third-party proof / evidence of when the file was signed and that contents have not changed since that time. Our trusted timestamp is virtually impossible to forge. You get digital proof of when any file was created, for pennies.

If you have a timestamp of your PDF file, and even if your signing certificate expires or is revoked, your prior signatures will still validate correctly. Learn more about how timestamps help guard against losing secret keys and revocation.

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Timestamps start at $.40 ($10 minimum), creating an account is quick and easy. Volume pricing information is available here.


1.  Is a signed PDF necessary? Instead, we have an easier online tool to create a timestamp.

What if it’s not a PDF file? Our timestamping works for any type of computer file. Use our simple online tool, and you have your proof with the ability to validate it at any time.


2.  Or you can use Adobe Reader to just timestamp the file. Instructions are here.

Privacy is maintained: In all these solutions your files never leave your computer. Timestamping does not send your document over the Internet - only a SHA hash of the signature is sent to DigiStamp to create the timestamp, more information here.

What costs are involved ?

  • Adobe Reader software is free.  Or there are other options like using Microsoft Office hereOur online tool is also free.
  • Each timestamp you create is less than 40 cents.  Creating your account and information here.
  • If you choose to create personal digital signatures, then you pay for your digital signing credentials that commonly last for 1 year. DigiStamp does not provide your personal credentials, other vendors and some resources here.  

Get Started

Timestamps start at $.40 ($10 minimum), creating an account is quick and easy. Volume pricing information is available here.

Adobe Reader Configuration Instructions – add SecureTime

Also helpful, Adobe has provided instructions here

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