Methods of Copyrights Protection

In Berne Convention countries (even North Korea signed) you own the copyrights for your work from the moment of creation. It can, however, be difficult to prove your work originated with you. Thus, work registration came to be the de facto standard for Copyrights Protection. Artists provided their entire work and personal information to a government or trusted third-party to ensure that the work was their own.
Now, there is a new way to provide the same fundamental protection: a trusted third-party witness acknowledges the existence of your work, with your name on it, in your posession before anyone else. Your work can be protected in seconds, for 4% of the previous cost.
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Cost: $10 - $65

Speed: Minutes to Days

Effectiveness: High to Perfect (Government defends you)

Privacy: You must surrender a copy of your work

Invocation: The registrar must be contacted and involved

Security/Integrity: The registrar must safely keep a copy of the work



Cost: $.40

Speed: Seconds

Effectiveness: High

Privacy: Your work never leaves your computer

Invocation: The e-TimeStamp is independently verifiable proof

Security/Integrity: SecureTime is modern digital security for 

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Posted by Roxie on Jul 1st, 2013

Holy shinzit, this is so cool thank you.

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