Protecting Electronic Lab Notebooks with e-TimeStamp

Data integrity is a continual challenge for research of all kinds. Don't let the authenticity of your digital records be an issue. Make it easy to prove honesty.
The e-TimeStamp is created independently of your digital file, our software doesn't need to understand your format or your data. The protection is for the contents and state of the file, and is provided with utmost authority.
Key Advantages:
The DigiStamp e-TimeStamp protects the state of your digital notebook: providing strong legal evidencethat it has not changed since being protected. With all the data quality concerns you face, why let your recorded data be a source of doubt?
Your digital records are as easy to change as they were to create. You could have your file access controls audited, or just protect their state and know you can prove it.

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Partners and Other Software We Support

We comply with RFC 3161 and so are compatible with most software which supports it.  Options include: