Software Alternatives

We provide our Web-based tool for no charge.  You also have the alternatives listed below because they support our timestamps.

Setup is usually just these two items in whichever software you choose:  1. configure the TSA's Internet address as: and 2. User authentication is either your account / password here at DigiStamp  (or, you could configure your IP address to be authorized, but that should not be needed).  Let us know if we can help. 

Details:  DigiStamp is pre-integrated into a variety of software tools because we carefully comply with industry standards and we are often used as an industry's TSA reference implementation.

Adobe Acrobat 7 and later include digital timestamp functionality, which is provided by an Adobe-supplied signature framework. DigiStamp provides the Cloud-based timestamp server to create the third-party timestamp. Additional information is available here.

CoSign supports access to DigiStamp's Cloud-based timestamp servers. Details are here. The CoSign digital signature solution supports all major applications and file formats (Word, Excel®, Outlook®, PDF®, TIFF, AutoCAD®, InfoPath® and many more).The Digital Signature Company

For Java, PHP, C# and other software languages DigiStamp provides our API Toolkits at no additional charge. API toolkits help you integrate secure timestamps into your existing applications.
Technical developers can use OpenSSL in combination with tools like PHP.   OpenSSL supports RFC3161 timestamps and can be used to create a time stamp request and verify the DigiStamp timestamp, details available here.
Bouncy Castle
For Java and C# developers, The Legion of the Bouncy Castle  are the industry recognized Open Source libraries for cryptography. An example of using Bouncy Castle Java tools with our TSA in included with our Java toolkit and we can provide C# examples.
Qoppa provides a powerful set of Java libraries for working with PDF documents. These libraries include digital signing and timestamping in addition to many other features.
Oracle timestamp in PKI SDK
This testing was done by one of our customers. In the Oracle documentation, see the class HttpTSPRequest for support of RFC 3161 timestamps.
You need to use DigiStamp's IP Authentication method because OpenTSA does not support HTTP client authentication.
S/MIME Library
This testing was done by one of our customers. The S/MIME Freeware Library (SFL) was available here, we are unsure of its current status
Microsoft Office
Adding timestamps to Microsoft Office documents requires that you also use Active Directory, more details here: timestamps in Microsoft Office   
X Microsoft Authenticode
We do not support Authenticode timestamps; they are a unique format used in Microsoft code signing. The timestamps from DigiStamp are in a different PKI / IETF format that was a part of digital signature standards. logos are owned by their respective companies.

All marks and logos are owned by their respective companies.