The Best RFC 3161 Timestamps

DigiStamp e-TimeStamps are SecureTime certificates: the most secure implementation of RFC 3161 in the world.

Why is it secure?

What are the features?

  • We never need to transmit your data outside of your environment.
  • We use only certified and audited PKI systems to remove the possibility of human tampering.
  • We archive the timestamp to enable Timestamp Renewal and keyless Hash-chain linking.
  • Compliant with e-signature practices defined in CFR-11 and eIDAS
  • We use only clocks that are traceable to official US and EU time sources.
  • We have used geographically-separated, redundant systems to provide 99.99% uptime for 10+ years.

See standards we support including RFC 3161, FIPS 140, eIDAS and RFC 6283

What is SecureTime?

How will I use it?

We offer desktop software and an API toolkit. We work with software from other providers, including Adobe Acrobat and Bouncy Castle.

At What Cost?

$.40 or less. If you're a major corporation and want a contract so your company can timestamp every important piece of data you rely on, that'll run you about $19,000 / year. If you're doing research or some other work that benefits humanity more than yourself, we'll knock 25% off.

How Can e-TimeStamp Work For You?

Our customers include:

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