RFC 3161 TimeStamp Integration Toolkits


The toolkit is delivered in several versions depending on client platform and programming language choice:


download link size in bytes SHA1 of download
  Java API Overview and examples. 4.6 DigiStampJavaAPI 6,466,969


  OpenSSL on Linux
also called from PHP
Overview and examples.        
  PHP Native Overview and readme. 1.2 DigiStampPHPToolkit 183,229 289381866633b70aca52
  COM .NET C# Overview and examples.   DigiStampCom    
  Information on account setup and licensing is available here  
DigiStamp Root certificate
  The Root certificates are used to verify that a particular x.509 certificate is issued by DigiStamp. This is commonly a 1-time installation of the DigiStamp Root CA certificate. This action is needed because our Root certificate is not commonly included with, for example, Microsoft or Adobe distributions.  
  There is additional information about the structure of the chain of authority is here.