All Will Trust the Integrity of Your Data

We did not invent the the secure electronic timestamp, we simply implemented international standards for the creation of strong legal evidence of data's existence at a point-in-time. Any modification of your data invalidates the certificate of its authenticity without any further action. The certificate itself specifies the time of existence to within seconds and takes no longer to be created itself.


Our implementation of the Internet Engineering Task Force's RFC 3161 means our timestamps are understood by data validation systems the world over.

  • Implementation of ANSI X9.95 further increases the compatibility of our timestamps.

  • Compliance with IETF RFC 3628 gives credence to the trustworthiness of our Time Stamp Authorities.

  • Conformance to IETF RFC 3126 makes our timestamps usable for long-term, legally binding agreements.

See standards we support including RFC 3161, FIPS 140-2, eIDAS

What is SecureTime?


Our employment of audited robots that run on aggressively defensive processing modules means our timestamps are protected by the utmost security.

  • Even we couldn't break our security. We leave the trusted work to robots encased in cryptographic processors that actively monitor their own integrity and destroy all sensitive data if that integrity is challenged.

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Our use of accepted encryption technology with hash-chain linking means our timestamps are nearly impossible to invalidate and simple to utilize.

  • Invalidation of a DigiStamp e-TimeStamp would require an attacker to gain access to the private signing key used by one of our Time Stamp Authorities during the 6-month period of its validity. Every TSA uses a cryptographic processor certified at FIPS 140 Level 4, making it difficult and expensive for an adversary of any size to penetrate our security; let alone do so without being detected and countered.
  • Validation of a DigiStamp e-TimeStamp requires a public key that is not only included in each e-TimeStamp but is also widely available and can be saved offline for years. The process itself takes only moments.

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How will you use this trusted third-party witness to your data?

DigiStamp has a full suite of options for corporations, developers, and small businesses. We offer a web-based service and on-site hardware options, an API ToolkitSecureTime Proxy for no authentication and desktop software including a web applicationPricing available.